One of the things I love about reading ebooks is that I can so easily highlight sections and make notes in the margins, without having to scrounge around for a pencil or have my hand cramp trying to draw a straight line on a curved page while lying in bed. The question is, then, how can I get those highlighted passages and notes out of the book?

Ryan Norbauer has written a great little bookmarklet called Bookcision that you can use to download all of your annotations from a kindle book as a text file. Firstbookcision_logo go to With your browser’s bookmarks bar visible, drag the button for the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. (It’s conveniently labeled “Drag to Bookmarks Bar.”) Now you have Bookcision installed and ready to go.

Bookcision works in any recent browser and you can copy the whole list of annotations to your computer’s clipboard. If you’re using Google Chrome you have the added option of downloading them directly as a text file (in plain text, XML, or JSON formats).

I’m working my way through N. T. Wright’s gargantuan Paul and the Faithfulness of God, so this is going to save me a lot of re-typing as I take notes.

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