I recently stumbled across a very useful site for students working on the Gospels or on the Jesus tradition. The Five Gospels Parallels, by John W. Marshall at the University of Toronto, presents the gospel texts (in English) in parallel vertical columns. The text is four_evangelists_jordaens_louvre_inv1404divided into pericopes, and for each one Marshall provides links to indicate the other gospels that include the same pericope in some form. Clicking on one of these links scrolls the appropriate column to the parallel text.

This accomplishes much the same thing as Kurt Aland’s Synopsis of the Four Gospels (the English version). One difference, though, is that Marshall includes two sources that Aland does not: the letters of Paul, and the Gospel of Thomas. Marshall also offers eight different arrangements for viewing the parallels:

  • All five gospels (including Thomas)
  • The four canonical gospels
  • The three synoptic gospels (without John)
  • All five gospels with parallels from Paul in a vertical column
  • All five gospels with parallels from Paul in a window at the bottom
  • Matthew and Luke (the “Q Twosome”)
  • Matthew, Luke, and Thomas (the “Sayings Sources”)
  • The three synoptic gospels with Thomas

If you’re studying the synoptic problem, examining the different forms a gospel story could take, or just looking more deeply at a Gospel episode, you will find this a very useful tool. If only it included the Greek texts!

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