Traditional Christianity has always taught that God is a Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But this can often seem like an abstract idea that does not have much to do with my life. Here are my reflections on how the Trinity can be experienced, originally shared at St. Paul’s-on-the-Hill Anglican Church in June 2017.

2 replies on “Experiencing the Trinity

  1. Thank you Ian for another thoughtful message. The Jesus prayer I had not heard mentioned before but see it in it’s different forms when I share in the services in the Renmark Uniting Church,South Australia. Not my regular denomination, but I speak there occasionally on a roster for lay preachers..The bit at the end where you mentioned the need to pray for more of the Holy Spirit , just a comment to add not take away from what you are saying. There is much taught about the Holy Spirit these days. I 100% agree that we receive the Holy Spirit at our Baptism.(Acts 2:38).
    We don’t have to tarry for a second blessing or experience. I have been taught,wisely I believe, that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, or can know His fullness, when we allow ourselves to be controlled by Him.That basically means abiding in Christ, walking in the light of His Word.It is an ongoing experience.I started getting your emails when you kindly allowed me to use one of your pics for the Lydia’s Baptism location.God Bless, Geoff Thompson, Adelaide , South Australia.


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